Quite often old fuseboards in properties are too small to cope with the ever expanding Electrical system that it’s now being asked to control.

Over the years more and more electrical appliances have been created and are used but many properties have not adapted / upgraded their Electrical Systems (fuseboards) to cope with this increased demand. 

The result is usually overloading of circuits and regular tripping of circuit breakers. And quite often one minor fault in the system will result in the entire Electrical system cutting out.

In most cases this can be easily rectified.

A larger fuseboard with a better arrangement and distribution of power between the existing circuits will usually do the trick. 

Our experience in this field together with our knowledge of the Spanish Electrical regulations makes this type of work a relatively straightforward and an easy job for us to execute. 

But please beware of those who aren’t trained to do this kind of work. 

They usually leave more problems than you had before.

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