ENDESA (along with IBERDROLA) are the main electrical suppliers in Spain

Back in 2010 we created a helpline service to assist people in dealing with ENDESA / IBERDROLA and the other suppliers due to the amount of regular inquiries that we were receiving from property owners and tenants who were experiencing problems ranging from;

Paying outstanding electricity bills plus a same day payment notification service

Needing assistance with their existing electrical contract

Needing a New Contract setting up

Having been cut off and needing reconnecting

Needing help to change the name on their existing contract

Needing a Boletin (Electrical Certificate)

Needing help with ICP installations and penalty charges

Needing help with Potencia alterations

Obtaining long term discounts of up to 20% for existing Endesa customers

Accessing customer accounts and obtaining previous and existing bills

Needing assistance with Endesa Online

…in fact just about anything to do with Endesa

Our specially trained staff attend the Endesa Offices on a regular basis and with our experience in dealing with these companies we have the knowledge and know how to help easily resolve any issues and problems that you may have.

Our expertise means that we can resolve your problems efficiently and usually that same day. We are confident that no one else can offer you this immediate service with the positive results that we achieve.

Via our company documents we can access our clients accounts and act on their behalf.

We are based in Benalmadena Costa. Via the local Endesa & Iberdrola Offices in Arroyo de la Miel we can act for any client across Spain.

Why waste your time and money with expensive International phone calls where you sit on a phone line answering service for an eternity only to be eventually put through to an Endesa Operative who does not speak English OR even worse get unexpectedly cut off!!

It does happen.

For a one off payment of 75euros we will deal with and resolve your problem quickly and efficiently. 

(Please note; This offer only applies to regular problems that are resolvable within the local offices. Any issues that require visits or phone calls to Main external offices will require an additional charge)

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