For those who are unaware of the electrical legal system here in Spain let us explain.

A Boletin is a document issued to the property owner by an Electrical Contractor (in this case BS ELECTRICAL) that states that their properties electrical system complies with current Spanish Electrical Regulations.

This document can be required for a number of reasons… changing the name on the properties electrical bill, an upgrade In the general Potencia (more power), change of ownership of the property or simply an overhaul (rewire) or part rewire of an electrical system.

In some cases Boletins can be issued against an electrical system without the need for any work. In other cases some work may be required… fuseboards may need to be altered and additional items may need to be included so as to allow the boletin to be issued.

There are many possible issues and problems involved with the necessary electrical  paperwork. Here are some examples….

When purchasing a property some people decide not to bother getting the electricity bill changed into their name. Too often lawyers and Gestoria´s advise against getting this done because they are aware of the possible need for a Boletin and the added complications that can bring. 

But what then can happen is that the past owner will continue to get sent the electricity bills and as you´d expect he obviously won’t pay these 

IF the electric bill doesn’t get paid you will eventually get cut off. 

And unlike in the UK, Endesa (the main electrical supplier) and the other Main Supply companies in Spain will only give you limited warning… possibly one solitary letter… and without reply they will then simply cut you off.

You then will have the aggravation of having to obtain a Boletin whilst not having an electric supply.

Dealing with Endesa can be a nightmare. Constant visits & phone calls to your local Endesa office followed by demands for certain official paperwork… and for your trouble, once you are done you also get hit with a hefty reconnection charge!!

Another possible problem that can arise is that if you ever have a problem with your incoming electrical supply (external power cut) and the property is not registered in your name then you won´t actually be able to do anything about it… Endesa will only deal with the Contract holder

Again you may need to get a Boletin Certificate before you can approach Endesa about resolving the problem.

So we’d suggest, to save time and any possible future problems, please get your new Boletin as soon as you have purchased your property.

As a general price guide Boletin costs start from as little as 100 €.

Any necessary remedial work would be additional.

Please Contact us at for a free boletin survey and if necessary a free quotation on any work that may be required will be submitted.


An Electrical Project is a necessary document for the commencement of the rewiring of a commercial shop (locale) or premises such as a Bar or Restaurant or the intended electrical system at a new build property. 

The Project is the official design drawing that we, the electrical contractor, must follow. 

This document must be authorised and checked by the local Industria Authority in Malaga. The actual installation will also be checked before during and after so as to confirm that it complies with the specification of the Project.

As both Boletins and Projects vary in size they also vary in price.

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